Architectural Guidelines

1. Minimum Square Footage Requirements:

  • Bungalow - 1600 ft² (bonus room not included)
  • Bi-level - 1600 ft² (split entry)
  • 1½ Storey - 2100 ft² (min. 1200 on main level)
  • 2 Storey - 2100 sq. feet (min. 1200 on main level)

2. Exterior Materials and Colors

Roof material must be:

  • Cedar shakes, clay or concrete tile or Euroslate or asphalt shingle

Exterior wall materials may include:

  • stucco, brick, stone tile (no vinyl allowed)

Stucco finish must include substantial build out detail or highlights of brick, stone or other acceptable material.

All exterior schemes must be approved to avoid intense shades and duplication on adjacent lots as well as directly across the street.


3. Details

  • Roof Pitch shall me minimum 6/12 on 2 Storey models, minimum 8/12 on bungalows & bi-levels.
  • Fascia minimum 8" - 10" in accordance with dwelling style.
  • Overhangs minimum 24" on all levels.
  • Front entry steps must be restricted to a maximum of 4 risers, any further required must be placed in the run of the walk.

4. Garages and Driveways

Driveway locations are mandated. Driveways must be of one of the following materials:

  • Concrete including plain, stamped or colored
  • Exposed aggregate concrete or asphalt
  • All driveways to accessory buildings must be the same material as main driveway to the rear of the dwelling.

5. Landscape and Fencing


  • Basic landscaping is a mandatory requirement to finish the curb appeal of the home.
  • Sod to the fence tie back line, Plus a minimum of 3 trees are required in the front yard. If deciduous must be a minimum of 2.5" caliper if coniferous 8' in height. One tree may be substituted for a single shrub bed of 10 shrubs no less than 12" in height if global variety or 12" in diameter if a spreading variety.


  • Can be trees, chain link or wood screen

6. Architectural & Survey approval

  • Architectural approval must be obtained form Horizon Designs Ltd. prior to booking stake out.
  • All Plot plans & stake outs must be obtained from Pals Surveys & Associates

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Architectural Guidelines

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